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Thriving Together:
Couple Therapy Program

"Thriving Together: Couple Therapy Program" is a tailored coaching program designed to strengthen and enrich relationships among couples. Through personalized sessions, couples explore communication patterns, deepen emotional connection, and resolve conflicts constructively. The program provides practical tools and techniques to enhance intimacy, trust, and understanding.


With the support of a skilled coach, couples navigate challenges, build resilience, and create a shared vision for the future. Whether addressing specific issues or simply seeking to deepen their bond, "Thriving Together" empowers couples to cultivate a loving and harmonious partnership, fostering mutual growth and fulfillment.

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Duration: 2 to 6 weeks


1,800 MXN (Any single session)

8,800 MXN (All 6 sessions)

What is included:

Each video session: 1-1.5 hours

Guided Meditations

Journaling homeworks

Emotional and Psychological Supports

Birdwatching Couple

Introduction: Welcome and Program Overview

Importance of Healthy Relationships

Introduction to Couple Therapy Approach


Session 1: Understanding Communication Patterns

Exploring Communication Styles

Identifying Communication Breakdowns

Learning Active Listening Techniques

Practicing Effective Expression of Needs and Emotions


Session 2: Healing Emotional Wounds

Understanding Emotional Triggers

Addressing Past Hurts and Traumas

Cultivating Empathy and Compassion

Building Emotional Resilience as a Couple


Session 3: Nurturing Connection and Intimacy

Reconnecting with Each Other's Love Languages

Rediscovering Shared Interests and Goals

Building Rituals of Connection

Enhancing Physical Intimacy and Affection


Session 4: Resolving Conflict and Finding Common Ground

Understanding Root Causes of Conflict

Learning Conflict Resolution Strategies

Negotiating and Compromising as a Couple

Finding Solutions and Building Resilience Together


Session 5: Strengthening Couple Dynamics

Exploring Power Dynamics in Relationships

Balancing Individual Needs with Partnership

Cultivating Trust and Respect

Fostering Mutual Support and Encouragement


Session 6: Creating a Vision for the Future

Setting Relationship Goals

Creating a Shared Vision and Values

Planning for Growth and Evolution as a Couple

Celebrating Progress and Milestones



Each session will include a combination of educational materials, interactive exercises, and guided discussions to facilitate growth and transformation for couples. By addressing communication issues, emotional healing, and couple dynamics, this program aims to empower couples to cultivate deeper connection, understanding, and resilience in their relationship.


Would you like further details on any specific session or aspect of the program?

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