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Demystifying Sacred Medicine

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

The word sacred before anything has a way of mystifying whatever is said afterwards. We are going to try and define sacred in this context and hopefully in the process we can bring a better understanding to this ancient but relevant form of medicine.

Sean holds a degree in Chinese Medicine and a Masters in Sports Medicine from HKU and CUHK respectively, with over 15 years of practice. A practice that has spanned 4 continents, he will be sharing his knowledge with us and answering questions from our community.


By: Sean Yuen

Before I explain what sacred medicine is, let me tell you how I came across them in the time I most needed healing.

My first encounter with sacred medicine (or people call them psychedelics) was in 2016, when I suffered from a low grade depression after a painful break up. A friend suggested me to take some “magic mushroom” in Holland, I accepted the invitation and gave it a try. The whole experience was so pleasant that I ended up laughing for 4 hours. When I came back to my normal state, my sadness was gone, and I received a message from the medicine spirit: Happiness is always with me, as simple as that.

Later that year, I felt the calling to meet the Ayahuasca and San Pedro spirits in a 4 days ceremonial retreat. It was a mind-opening and transformational experience that allowed me to let go of my fear and unlock my potential to further share my healing gift to the world.

Then I met my masters Dona Angelica and her son Moises in the Amazon jungle. They both are very humble and compassionate souls who share with me the wisdom of different sacred medicines we found in the jungle. I learned from them how to prepare the medicine with prayers, how to conduct a ceremony with the presence of the spirits, how to sing the Icaro songs, and the power of cleansing and prayers during the ceremonies. Those intense months living with them was indeed my initiation to be a facilitator of medicine journeys.

These sacred medicines can be regarded as “drugs” if we use them without a clear intention, or simply abuse them to get us “high”. As a guardian of these medicines that can be found in nature, I believe they exist for a purpose to raise the consciousness of other living beings. One must set a pure intention before receiving the medicine, and must be accompanied by an experienced guide, or you might end up having a “bad trip”, which means being lost in another dimensions, or being attacked by harmful spirits. Sacred medicine can bring both blessings and curses, it can awaken your consciousness or result in more confusion. That is the reason we must receive them with utmost respect, with proper intention and guidance.

According to the wisdom I received from my masters and the medicine, as well as my own experience, difference medicine serves different purpose.

For example, Ayahuasca and Tepezcohuite (Mayan ayahuasca) are the grandmothers (abuelas) which open up our feminine side, channel our feminine lineage, and help us to surrender and flow with ease.

While San Pedro and Peyote are the grandfathers (abuelos), they awaken our masculinity, and connect with our masculine ancestors. They also enhance our power of concentration and determination, for us to set boundaries and establish a clear life purpose.

There are already a number of researches that have proven Psilocybin mushrooms are able to treat patients with depression and anxiety. They also relieve childhood traumas and PTSD.

Bufo Alvarius connects our soul immediately with the universe, that you feel you are One with everything. It releases your deepest emotional blockages and ultimately brings peace and tranquillity to our souls where we learn to accept things as they are.

Rapé opens our third eye so that one is able to focus on the upcoming task, it also clears any respiratory blockages for us to breath properly.

Sananga is an intense eye drop that cleanse our vision from any delusion and confusion, it brings clarity and insight to the recipient.

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