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Moxibustion is actually a treasury in Chinese Medicine, especially for those who are suffering from chronic pain. For people living close by the ocean or sea, they are more valuable to the wind and wetness; besides rainy climate also bring wetness or cold-dampness problems to the people. To deal with this situation, moxibustion is perfect to solve the problem. It is convenient, low-cost, and highly effective, only if you can endure the smoking smell.

Image by Katherine Hanlon

The heat of the moxa stick warm either a particular acu-point, or along the whole meridian, depending on what effect you want to achieve. While heating a certain part of our skin boost up the immunity system at that region, so as to fasten the healing effect. In Chinese medicine theory, warmth can break blockage within blood vessels and enhance smooth flow of blood and energy.

Moxibustion is particularly useful for different kinds of aches, headache, shoulder pain, back pain…as well as menstruation problem and infertility. Our diagnosis include judging from their tongue and pulse, for those light-colored fat tongues with teeth markings and thick white coatings; and having slow and weak pulse obviously mean they are suffering from cold-dampness. Moxibustion have surprising good result especially relieving those pains. Gynecological problems particularly dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation improve after moxibustion treatment, but you have to be patient to see the result.

For safety reason, we DON’T suggest direct moxibustion (although it is the most effective), as it burns the skin and create lesions. Most of the time, we hold the moxa stick 0.5 cm away the skin, or use a moxa box to hold the stick in position.


Just a simple reminder, moxibustion is suitable for Cold syndrome and Deficiency syndrome (Yin syndrome). The contraindications are Heat syndrome and Excess syndrome (Yang syndrome). And each session should not exceed 30 mins. 

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