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Lean to Strong:
A 30-Day Weight Gain Program

Welcome to the Lean to Strong 30-day weight gain program! This program is designed to help individuals who struggle to gain weight by providing practical dietary and exercise recommendations. By following this program, you can expect to see an increase in muscle mass and overall body weight, leading to a stronger and healthier physique.

Young Man doing Physical Exercise

Duration: 1 month

Cost: 13,000 MXN

What is included:

  • Initial Preparation video call: 1 hour

  • Daily check in calls or messages: 5-10 mins

  • Final video call: 1 hour

  • Meal Plans

  • Exercise Recommendations

  • Guided Meditations

  • Emotional and Psychological Supports


Image by Anna Pelzer

Initial Preparation Call (Day 1): Set Achievable Goals and Mental Preparation

  • Goal Setting: Define realistic and achievable weight gain goals.

  • Positive Affirmations: Encourage positive self-talk to build confidence.

  • Visualizations: Imagine achieving goals to increase motivation.

  • Journaling: Reflect on current habits and readiness for change.

  • Prepare Meal plans

  • Prepare Exercise Programs

  • Identify patterns from the past


Week 1: Building a Foundation

Theory Behind:

Understanding Weight Gain

Introduction to the concept of caloric surplus

Importance of macronutrients: protein, carbohydrates, and fats

Overview of muscle-building exercises


What to Expect:

Increased appetite as your body adjusts to higher calorie intake

Initial water weight gain due to increased glycogen storage


+ Dietary & Exercise Recommendations


Week 2-3: Increasing Intensity

Theory Behind:

Progressive Overload

Understanding the principle of progressive overload for muscle growth

Importance of challenging your muscles with increasing resistance


What to Expect:

Noticeable strength gains as you increase the intensity of your workouts

Gradual increase in muscle definition and size


+ Dietary & Exercise Recommendations


Week 4: Refining and Reflecting

Theory Behind:

Rest and Recovery

Understanding the importance of rest and recovery for muscle growth

Overview of active recovery techniques


What to Expect:

Increased energy levels and overall well-being due to adequate rest and recovery

Continued progress in muscle strength and size


+ Dietary & Exercise Recommendations


By following the dietary and exercise recommendations provided, you have taken significant steps towards increasing your body mass and achieving your weight gain goals. Remember to continue prioritizing balanced nutrition, regular exercise, and adequate rest and recovery for long-term success. Keep up the great work, and stay committed to your health and fitness journey!


Would you like more detailed information on any specific aspect of the program?

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