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Pilates +

Tener músculos centrales fuertes promueve una mejor postura que, a su vez, puede prevenir o aliviar la tensión muscular que se acumula en nuestras rutinas diarias. Pilates se enfoca en la fuerza central que ayuda a mejorar la postura, disminuir el dolor de espalda, aumentar la fuerza, mejorar la movilidad y el movimiento. Cuando se combina con Yoga, el resultado es evidente con una mente y un cuerpo más equilibrados.

​Nuestros programas de Pilates+, combinan Pilates con Yoga, Respiración y Qigong.


Nuestro paquete incluye 6 sesiones de Pilates, 2 Sesiones de Yoga Aéreo, 2 Sesiones de Qigong y 2 Sesiones de Respiración Rejuvenecedora. (Algunas sesiones se realizan en tándem)

Image by Ben White

Duration: 2 to 6 weeks


1,800 MXN (Any single session)

8,800 MXN (All 6 sessions)


What is included:

Each video session: 1-1.5 hours

Guided Meditations

Journaling homeworks

Emotional and Psychological Supports

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Welcome and Program Overview

Understanding the Importance of Self-Love

Introduction to Self-Love Practices and Mindset


Session 1: Exploring Self-Perception

Identifying Negative Self-Talk and Beliefs

Understanding the Origins of Self-Doubt and Criticism

Cultivating Self-Awareness and Mindfulness

Recognizing and Celebrating Personal Strengths and Qualities


Session 2: Setting Healthy Boundaries

Understanding the Importance of Boundaries in Self-Love

Identifying Boundaries That Need Strengthening

Learning Assertiveness Techniques

Practicing Boundary Setting in Relationships and Daily Life


Session 3: Healing Inner Wounds

Addressing Past Traumas and Emotional Wounds

Practicing Forgiveness and Letting Go of Resentment

Cultivating Self-Compassion and Acceptance

Nurturing Inner Child and Inner Healing Work


Session 4: Cultivating Self-Care Rituals

Understanding the Importance of Self-Care in Self-Love

Exploring Different Types of Self-Care Practices

Creating a Personalized Self-Care Plan

Prioritizing Self-Care in Daily Life


Session 5: Overcoming Self-Sabotage

Understanding Patterns of Self-Sabotage

Identifying Triggers and Underlying Beliefs

Developing Strategies to Overcome Self-Sabotage

Cultivating Self-Trust and Confidence


Session 6: Embracing Authenticity and Worth

Celebrating Individuality and Uniqueness

Setting Authentic Goals and Intentions

Cultivating Gratitude and Positive Self-Image

Embracing Imperfection and Finding Beauty in Flaws



Each session will include a combination of educational materials, interactive exercises, and guided reflections to support individuals in their journey toward self-love and acceptance. By addressing self-perception, boundaries, inner healing, self-care, overcoming self-sabotage, and embracing authenticity, this program aims to empower individuals to cultivate a deep sense of love, compassion, and worthiness for themselves.


Would you like further details on any specific session or aspect of the program?

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