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Heart Voicing

Come as you are, join the 3 waves of vibration and flow with symbiotic listening. This practice needs no singing skills and is available to anyone. We start with a warming up where you are guided to connect with your heart and body, from there we enter a journey of sound as a vibratory field where landscapes arise organically and free from control.


Heart Voicing (Voicing Beings) is indicated in 2017 in Sweden by No’An, a practice of vibrational heart attunement that unites all beings to oneness.


We voice and vibrate as we are, without control, judgement or self-shame, only love and flow are present in the space. A safe space allowing us to embody liberation, expression and love. With symbiotic listening while voicing, we tap into the space of oneness, that we honour the true beings as our essence are – Pure Love, Kindness and Compassion. By cultivating vibration as love, we remember that we are love itself, and shine through the universe and send the divine love to our beloved family, friends, animals, mother earth, and all beings.


We will surf and co~create the first wave on the ground and 2 more waves will come, raising up to verticality and free space within and out of the body that is part of the connected organism/environment of the Space. Finishing with instrumental music and the divine voice of us. We celebrate, thank, rest, sing as we are, to integrate our beautiful body and soul.

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